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Lost Memories Revived - Heir Property Virtual Form

All proceeds benefit Philanthropy Alliance programs

Date:  ​Saturday, August 27, 2022 (3-hour virtual conference)

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8a - 11a Pacific | 9a - 12p Mountain | 10a - 1p Central | 11a - 2p Eastern

Who should attend the Lost Memories Revived -- Heir Property Virtual Forum?

If any of the below questions peak your interest, or resonate with you, you shouldn't miss this conference:

  • Do you own descendant property that you haven’t seen in years (or not at all), and don't have a clue what to do with it?

  • Are you experiencing heir property issues?

  • Did you know in 2021 USDA provided $67 million for loans to resolve property issues that have kept some heir landowners from resolving title conflicts?

  • Did you know in the U.S., family forestland owners control 290 million acres, 36% percent of the nation’s forest landscape?

  • Did you know that Black farmland ownership, which peaked in 1910 at 16 to 19 million acres, has decreased to less than 3 million acres today?
  • Are you wondering what grants are available for the development of heir property?
  • Can you establish a nonprofit to further your ancestral legacy?

These questions and more are just a glimpse of what will be discussed and answered, along with guidance on how to proceed, based on your goals.

Virtual seating is limited to only 40 registrants!

Three registration options available:


Heritage counts as 1 group registrant 

*** The session will be recorded and provided to participants (available for 2 months following the workshop)