With our objectives being in direct correlation with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, the Forestry Division and other preservation offices, our mission is to aid in protecting the natural land, and the habitat that enjoy them; while promoting rural and urban forest health, stewardship and conservation for future generations.​  ​

​Located in the Central territory of Arkansas, the Natural State has lush mountains, valleys, dense woodland, fertile plains, abundant wildlife, and clear lakes and streams (see Canady Stream below).

Now owned and operated by the Philanthropy Alliance Foundation, the historic acreage is literally nestled in the heart of Arkansas.  Through various collaborations, we'll offer youth and community programs on the preserved Canady acreage (family-owned for more than 100 years). Pictured are Founder, Sherita Herring's Great Grandparents, Isaac and Cynthia Canady.  Isaac was born in 1888, and in his early 20s, built the house and barn, still standing on the property (land originally owned by Sherita's great-great grandfather).  Sherita's grandmother, Elnora Canady-McCluney (6th child born in 1917), and her 13 siblings were all born on the land.  

Skyler Bennett checking out

the vegetation.

Below is the Canady Branch Stream, named after our family, which is located in Conway County Arkansas, just 5 minutes from Oglesby Acres. 

Standing like a gentle giant for more than an estimated 200 years, we're hoping to preserve this great Post Oak, that has a major crack and is hollowing from the inside-out.  Growing on our Canady family acreage, now under Oglesby Acres programs, we're sure if this beauty could talk, it would have a lot of memorable stories to tell about the Canady ancestry.

Skyler Bennett, from the Arkansas Forestry Department, visited and offered his vast knowledge about the Post Oak and the surrounding vegetation.  We're looking forward to upcoming educational programs that will be provided by the local Department of Agriculture, Forestry and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  

Land Conservation and Habitat Education

Special thank you to James and Genetter Bradley (Uncle Jim & Aunt Net) for having the foresight to keep the land in the family.  Genetter, Sherita's aunt, is the 4th daughter of Elnora and Earnst McCluney.  Sherita's mother, Leola McCluney-Goff, was the second daughter, and Isaac and Cythia's granddaughter.

    Preserving a Great Post Oak  . . . while honoring the Canady Family Heritage!

Skyler and Sherita Herring-Oglesby

​(Philanthropy Alliance Founder)

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