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Expert Executive Coaching! 

No matter what your goals or objectives, Sherita is an expert in helping identify and provide direction for your unique ideas, dilemmas, management style or financial needs.

As an experienced business strategist and inspiring leader, in addition to thousands of community gate-keepers, clergy and grassroots organization, Sherita has provided business strategies for some of the top leaders, celebrities and other notable individuals across the globe, including: former President of Mexico Vicente Fox,  Mayor James Young (Philadelphia, MS), Civil Rights Leader Mylie Evers, Grammy nominated country music singer Michael Peterson, movie producer Bill Duke, the legendary athlete and humanitarian Jim Brown, NBA Star Jalen Rose, acclaimed actress Tippi Hedren, Oscar Winner Hilary Swank, Actress Lisa Raye, Motivational speakers Les Brown and Lisa Nichols, Comedians Anthony Anderson (Blackish'), Kim ColesMichael Colyar, Eddie GriffinHope Flood and numerous others, including recently advising actor/comedian Hannibal Buress, and so many others.

Depending on your intended objectives, below are a few Expected Outcomes:

  • Greater understanding of Business Entity Structure
  • Improved Nonprofit Management Strategies
  • Advance knowledge and training in Grant Procurement
  • Improved Leadership Competency and Strategies
  • Increased Accountability and Focus
  • Greater Perspective and Self-awareness 
  • Enhanced Personal and Professional Objectives and more

Hourly consulting is $150/hr, with other monthly options available, based on your needs:


Q&A Coaching

In addition to thousands of community leaders, clergy and grassroots organizations, Sherita has coached from the Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, to Country Music Singer Michael Peterson, and countless others in between. 

Through established global relationships, we're empowering individuals, sustaining communities, and strengthening international municipalities through grassroots alliances.

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