What is an Insider? -- An insider is a member of a limited

number group with generally restricted access. The term is used in the context of secret, privileged, hidden or otherwise impenetrable information or knowledge.  An insider may receive first-hand information, something that outsiders don't have.

Nowhere in the business development and coaching industry can you receive a comprehensive agreement of this magnitude for such an economical fee.

Only $34.99/month

plus the one-time $25 registration fee

​With no contract required, TNI Membership is


​​Philanthropy Alliance Foundation

Through established global relationships, we're empowering individuals, sustaining communities, and strengthening international municipalities through grassroots alliances.

Who should become a TNI Member (not limited to the below):

  • Start-up social media influencers and crafters in need of business strategies and strategic planning assistance
  • A nonprofit Manager that needs more direction for fundraising, grant procurement and/or nonprofit management
  • Someone that has decided to pivot and take a chance at doing what feeds their soul
  • Someone that has a social conscious and would like to turn their goals into a business
  • A retiree that has excellent business experience, and wants to do something new, on their own terms and time
  • A stay-at-home-mom (or dad), that wants to learn how to offer consulting services to small businesses and nonprofits, from the comforts of home
  • Someone that's fed-up with their current job, and ready to start their own business
  • A beginner, intermediate of advanced grant writer that wants to expand their grant writing consulting business 

​​    10  Benefits of TNI Membership:

  1. Aid in identifying your objectives for success
  2. Gain a broader understanding of the Grant Procurement Process
  3. Become proficient in Nonprofit Management and Corporate Governance
  4. Accomplish your vision and goals in a timely fashion
  5. Surmise a clear roadmap for success
  6. Advance business skills
  7. Heighten confidence
  8. Improve functionality and productivity
  9. Improve leadership skills
  10. Establish Global Accountability Partners


Launching in January 2022, The Nonprofit Insider is designed to provide direction for those that want more from their time and talents. 

Since September 2020 a record-breaking 4.3 million Americans have quit their jobs, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report.  Meanwhile, 7.7 million people who remain unemployed aren’t jumping to fill those positions.  Why?  Because people are looking for more out of life, besides just working for a paycheck.

Did you know that one of the largest regrets  of older adults is, they wish they would've had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them; at the expense of their own passions.​  Don't be one of them? 

As an insider, let Master Facilitator and Business Coach, Sherita Herring-Oglesby show you how you can operate in your passion, with no regrets.

She not only lives in her passion every day, she has coached countless celebrities, professional athletes, global leaders and community leaders on how to do the same, while finding profit for their passions in the nonprofit sector.

What is The Nonprofit Insider (TNI)?

First, the name is based off of our Founder's vast, 30-year experience and success of working within the perimeters of the nonprofit industry, thus the name 'The Nonprofit Insider' (TNI).

Utilizing her immense knowledge, Sherita's goal is to use her 'insider' knowledge to teach others how to expand their reach and advance their goals, while benefiting from what the nonprofit sector can provide.

TNI is an exclusive, membership-driven, business and nonprofit coaching opportunity, designed to help launch the ideas of individuals, services of small businesses, social enterprises, and/or start-up consulting companies.

Through TNI, technical support services will be offered by Master Facilitator, Sherita Herring-Oglesby, in addition to featuring a broad range of experienced speakers and trainers.

If you haven’t done so already, would you like to learn how to effectively operate in the nonprofit industry, the third largest business sector in the United States?  If so, becoming a member will be extremely beneficial.

Even if you're a for profit business, and not quit ready to dip your toe into the nonprofit world, you can still greatly benefit by becoming a TNI member.​

TNI Member
As an insider, TNI offers
Exclusive Membership Opportunities

With a registration fee of $25.00 and the $34.99 monthly fee, membership includes:

  • One 1-hour Virtual Group Strategy Session per month 

​            First Monday of every month (9a PT | 10a MT | 11a CT | 12p ET)

  • Comprehensive Business Coaching

  • Monthly E-Newsletter

  • Weekly email alerts for up-to-date funding sources

  • Grant Writing and Fundraising Instruction

  • Nonprofit Management & Corporate Governance Education

  • 15% Discount on offered Philanthropy Alliance Foundation Services

  • Guest Speakers/Trainers

  • Full Access to pre-recorded lessons and trainings

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Pop-up Workshops and more

No Contractual Obligations

  • With no contract required, you can cancel your TNI membership anytime.

  • This TNI membership opportunity, nor the applied services constitute a binding contract, nor do they guarantee your growth or success within any specified timeframe.  Your TNI experience will be based on your ability to ascertain the coaching and training provided, while implementing learned techniques and strategies.

Additional Optional Costs:

As a paid Affiliate, if wanting additional One-on-One time, instead of $150/hour for Sherita's exclusive Executive Coaching, the TNI Member rate is only $50/hour ($100 savings).  See Sherita's full-fee business coaching

For additional questions call (501) 499-6171.

Fees and services are subject to change at any time, with written notification.