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Antibiotics and Medications -  A simple wound can become infected, turning septic and causing death.  Our prescribed antibiotic or medications can make all the difference in saving lives. 

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Phone:  1+ (855) 776-7268 

One pair of Glasses can change the life of a child, teen or adult, enabling them to read, write and create without visual impairments.

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Last year, we accomplished over 1000 extractions and dental procedures, all performed by experienced Dentists.  With your support, we'll be able to helps hundreds more.

Be a part of this life-changing DONOR Experience!

We're so excited that many of you expressed an interest in being involved with the PKF 2019 Medical Mission, a mission like no other (August 29, 2019 - September 16, 2019).

Last year in September 2018, with a team of qualified medical staff and hard-working volunteers, Precious Kids Foundation's medical mission treated 4,767 patients, performed over 1000 dental extractions, provided over 800 eye glasses, performed several emergency surgeries and delivered two babies.

This year, because we're sure they will need even more medical care, here's how you can help us make a difference.

You can have a GLOBAL IMPACT!

Become a Medical Mission Donor and be involved the entire trip, as you touch live thousands of miles away:

  • Receive real-time, special acknowledgements on live Facebook feeds from Uganda

  • All Donors will appear in all print materials, for either 2 months, 4 months or 12 months ($100+ donations), depending on Donor Level

  • All Donors will be featured on our Web site

  • Donors will be a part of a special Donor Blog for real-time messages, photos of donor recipients, and more

Please see the below Donor Options, and help us make a difference.

Without experienced Medical Staff, the medical mission could not happen.  Help us cover the costs of these caring professionals, traveling from other cities.

Medical Supplies and Equipment -Being Handicapped is hard enough, but without assistance, it's even harder.  Help us supply needed equipment.

Vaccinations - Polio and many childhood diseases can be prevented by vaccinations. 

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Lab Technicians - Detecting any diseases early, can help us treat many patients.  Please support our efforts. 

 Find out more about Precious Kids Foundation and our previous Uganda Medical Mission below: